Fine Art Photographer_ Seunghui Sim


Seunghui Sim is a Seoul, Detroit based fine art photographer. 

She has been passionate about art since she was very young. After sheentered Ulsan Arts High School, she studied practical skills and academic subjects, including anatomy, the golden ratio,and art history. To enhance her technique in art, she drew and sculpted representational models and still-life scenes, which allowed her to have artistic eye. 

One of her best decisions ever was entering the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Different from her Asian academic model, colleges in America are more open to expansive experiences; thus she was able to explore a variety of fields, such as photography,curatorial methods, and building 3-D pop-up books.Moreover, thanks to the college’s location in Detroit, she could experience many unique culture and visit galleries. 

Now, she lives and works in Seoul, Korea attending MFA in Hongik University. Due to her artist’s history in seoul, and Detroit her vision is growing day by day.

If you want to contact her, she can be reached at